In early February 2019, I went to a class on basic wire wrapping techniques, and it opened the floodgates for a dormant, untapped creativity to flow out of me. Wire wrapping became a therapeutic outlet for me, keeping my hands busy and quieting my mind. I didn’t realize how badly I needed to just create.

I’ve learned that human beings are meant to create! It’s a natural way to let energy flow, taking our un-manifested dreams and visions and bringing them into the material world. All of our channels are different! Some people sing, some write, some paint, some build things with their hands--the method of tapping into creativity is just as varied as people are.

When we don’t have the appropriate outlets to create, we may feel stuck. We may never even recognize this state of create-less-ness as the culprit for the feeling of stuckness. That was me--I didn’t realize how stuck I was until a channel opened, and all of a sudden, I was flooded with ideas and artistic visions. I quickly realized that creating had been missing from my life for far too long. Something shifted as a result of learning to wire wrap, bringing me more peace and calm. Wire wrapping became my favorite meditation.

I started with simple pendants, but soon I felt the pull to learn to make wire trees. I watched a YouTube video and quickly learned how to make them. I also started making more complex wire wrapped pendants, dream catchers, mobiles, and more...

I had no idea how much creativity was in me until it started to come out! It was like the opening of a floodgate. And soon, my passion led me to create Autumn Phoenix Designs.

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