Crackle agate tree of life with brown seed beads, oxidized slightly


The crackle agate that this tree of life is on is AMAZING! It has awesome details when you look close.


TLDR- Save money on this one because it has the potential to be a little more snaggy than my usual work.


Full explanation:
Price is lower than what I'd normally charge because of some of the wires on the back, around the frame.

I used square wire (instead of round like I usually do), which makes it a little harder to tuck the wire without creating edges that may snag.


This pendant won't snag most shirts, but if you were to wear it with a textured sweater, chances of catching are higher than most pieces.


I really don't feel like throwing away the 1.5 hours of work I's on sale ๐Ÿ˜Š

Agates are said to be very grounding stones, helping you maintain balance and stability. Comes on a black cloth cord; background selenite not included.


Made with love in Wisconsin ๐Ÿ’™




ยฉ 2019 by Danielle Carlson, TheAutumnPhoenix


Located in Wisconsin