Graduated cylinder sun catchers- blue or maroon/purple

Graduated cylinder sun catchers- blue or maroon/purple



I'm a high school biology teacher by day, and if I got this as a gift from someone, I'd be making several high-pitched squeals to reveal my nerdy delight! Any science geek, especially someone who works with lab equipment often, would love this!!

If you're looking for a completely unique gift for that science lover in your life, here you go. And even if the person works in a lab with no windows, there's usually some giant piece of lab equipment that has glass panels that this could be hosted on!!

The graduated cylinder even has a meniscus and gradations, for that extra touch. The blue glass that is the liquid has really awesome texture- it's hard for me to not keep this for myself!

Made with love in Wisconsin ๐Ÿ’š
60/40 tin/lead solder




ยฉ 2019 by Danielle Carlson, TheAutumnPhoenix


Located in Wisconsin