Green kyanite or hair jasper with hamsa

Green kyanite or hair jasper with hamsa


This palm stone appears to be green kyanite or green hair jasper- I am not for sure on that, but I've had a few crystal enthusiasts check it out, and that is what was suggested. The green stone has a really neat, vertical striping pattern, and the oxidized copper wire accents the color of the stone perfectly. The hamsa charm adds a lovely extra touch!


More pictures here.

Green Kyanite is said to provide calming energy, prepares the body for meditation, and helps with dream recall. Wearing the hamsa symbol is said to provide the owner with success, harmony, and protection from evil. Green hair jasper is a stone of good health, it encourages empathy, boosts energy, increases self-control, and calms and soothes.

This is a pendant only--no chain or cording included, and the blue stone in the background of some of the pictures is not included. Please note that stones may naturally have imperfections--dark spots, nicks, etc--and these are what help make each stone unique and beautiful!!

Pendant will come on a black cloth cord. Stone in background not included.

Made with love in Wisconsin ๐Ÿ’š



ยฉ 2019 by Danielle Carlson, TheAutumnPhoenix


Located in Wisconsin