Tardigrade sun catcher or plant stake

Tardigrade sun catcher or plant stake


CALLING ALL SCIENCE LOVERS!!! I'm a high school biology teacher by day, and like most biology teachers I know, I LOVE TARDIGRADES!!!! There are NOT enough tardigrade suncatchers on the market, so here you go!!!

Tardigrades are also called water bears and moss piglets. They're so ugly, they are cute. Water bears are insanely weird and pretty much indestructible. This makes them fascinating!

If you're looking for a completely unique gift for a science lover in your life, here you go. If I got this as a gift from someone, I'd be making several high-pitched squeals to reveal my nerdy delight!

Googly eyes optional- free add-on, if you wish :). Just shoot me an email after you place an order if you want the eyes added (otherwise, it will come without them).


All measure roughly 4.25" high and 5.5" wide.

Plant stake stands 15".

Made with love in Wisconsin ๐Ÿ’š
60/40 tin/lead solder



Tardigrade Style

ยฉ 2019 by Danielle Carlson, TheAutumnPhoenix


Located in Wisconsin