Teardrop "Sevens" Agate Pendant Tree of Life

Teardrop "Sevens" Agate Pendant Tree of Life


It is so hard to describe the color of this pendant! I'd say that it's gray, yet with a super subtle purple tone; sometimes is seems to have a brown tone too. It's a beautiful agate (possibly Botswana agate) with a copper tree of life and white seed beads. 


The reason I call this one "Sevens" is because it emobides the number 7 (which also happens to be my favorite number!). It uses 7 wires to make the tree, and each root has 7 twists. 


A cloth black cord will be included (not shown).

Made with love in Wisconsin 💙
Background selenite not included.



© 2019 by Danielle Carlson, TheAutumnPhoenix

Located in Wisconsin