Tree Pendant Wire Wrapping Tutorial Kit- learn something new!

Tree Pendant Wire Wrapping Tutorial Kit- learn something new!


If you want to learn how to make wire wrapped tree pendants, this is the kit for you!

Here's what comes in the kit:


1) Glass cabochon--perfect size and shape to learn on! Choose blue, green, or clear. See order form link (at end of description) for options. 


2) Pre-cut wire--I cut this wire for the size and shape of your cabochon. This is BEGINNER-QUALITY wire. The beauty of beginner-quality wire is that you can use it practice with, and not be afraid of making mistakes! You also have the option to upgrade to better-quality wire (copper only).


You will receive:
- 2 pieces of thick wire for the tree frame (1 to use + 1 extra, just in case)
- 7 pieces of thinner wire for the tree itself (6 to use + 1 extra, just in case)
- 1 longer piece of the thinner wire to wrap the bail, if you so choose


3) You will also receive a small card which provides access to a private portion of my website ( This part of my site houses a 34-page PDF with overview information (gauges of wire, types of wire, store recommendations, tools, etc), a YouTube video tutorial of me walking you through the pendant-making process, and access to me--if you’re having trouble, you can get in touch to set up a video chat to work through it together.


***Please note that tools are NOT included in this kit. You need to obtain your own pliers; a good, inexpensive starter kit is the "Cousin Craft & Jewelry Making Tool Kit, 3-Piece."***


***Please note that your box may not look exactly like the one shown in the picture--but it will be wrapped nice/cute. It just depends on the ribbon, paper, etc that I have on hand :).***

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