I've always been inexplicably drawn to energy work.

Probably somewhere around 2014, I decided to give it a try;
I found a practitioner in my small town. I was skeptical, but open. 


I didn't have any earth-shattering experiences, but I definitely
felt some things during my first session, and the issues I was
facing seemed to improve moving forwards. 

What I liked most about my practitioner--she didn't tell me that I
HAD to come back in four weeks or two months or whatever. She
just told me something along the lines of, "You'll know if you need
to come back, and if you feel like you do, we'll go from there."

I saw her a few handful of times over the years, and then I moved to Platteville. I've experienced LOTS of energy work since moving to Platteville, "trying out" different practitioners and learning about different styles; my interest in Reiki grew.

I went through all three levels of Reiki training over the summer of 2019. I enjoy channeling the Energy to people, my animals, and even plants.


My view, take it or leave it, is that in addition to our physical body,

we  have an energetic body. Just as our body can get out of balance

over time, and as our body needs bathing to keep it clean, our

energetic body needs re-balancing and "bathing" as well.

Reiki is something that helps cleanse and re-balance our

energetic body.

My best description of Reiki is this. Yup, it might sound a little

"woo-woo." But from what I've experienced as a client and as a

practitioner, this is  what I know to be true for me.


Again- take it or leave it!

During a session, Universal Reiki Energy is channeled through a practitioner's hands and to the client/animal/plant. This can be a hands-on OR hands-off process, and if working with people, the client  is fully clothed. Reiki Energy flows to help bring balance (and often clearing) to various energetic points/areas of the body.


The person channeling the Reiki is NOT healing you. Run from anyone who says "I healed you."


During Reiki sessions, the practitioner is simply a channel. Energy flowing through the practitioner from Source has the potential to heal. However, there are conditions! The person receiving treatment must be open to receiving it, and the person must be willing to do some work on their own beyond the treatment. True healers do not do the work for you- they help you do the work yourself.

Most people find Reiki sessions incredibly relaxing (and being relaxed promotes healing, which is a win/win!). Some people feel things or see colors during sessions; some people experience nothing at all. Some people stay awake, and others fall asleep. There is no universal Reiki experience--it is different for each person.

As a practitioner, I will never tell you how often you need to come back. I really respected this with my first experience as a client, and I offer that to you as well.


I combine traditional Reiki techniques, along with whatever else is needed during the session--sound bowls, crystals, aromatherapy oils/sprays, drumming--every session is unique. 

Sessions last roughly an hour (often a little more) and cost $55 or $65, depending on location (at my house vs at Rooted Studio). First session special- $5 off.

To set up a session, send me an email and we'll get the details figured out.

Reiki Treatment