I was drawn to yoga in college. I found a studio (The Yoga Place, La Crosse, WI) around 2007 and began to practice on a regular basis. I wasn't sure why I loved yoga so much, but I did...and I keep going back.

I moved to a small town in 2010 for my teaching career, and yoga was hard to find. My weekly practice eventually dropped away and became very irregular.

I saw an ad one day for the Dubuque Yoga Festival (now the "Midwest Yoga & Oneness Festival") and was intrigued. Dubuque wasn't that far from where I lived, and I could afford attending the festival. It re-awakened my love for the practice. 

I went to the annual festival a few more times, and finally, in 2018, I felt that it was time to pursue becoming a yoga teacher. I completed my 200 hour training at B-1 Yoga in Dubuque and taught 1-2x per week as a side gig. 

Around April 2019, the opportunity to open a yoga studio dropped into my lap--like it was meant to happen (because, obviously, it was!). I partnered up with Tom Pitcher, and together, we opened Platteville's first yoga studio. 

Rooted Studio offers classes from a variety of teachers, and we have classes every day of the week. You can also access our free videos on YouTube!

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Located in Wisconsin